ISO 27001 

Information & Security Management

The ultimate global benchmark for Information Security Management and a critical tool for boosting your company's success.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 was first published in 2005 by the International Standardization Organization, known as ISO. ISO is an international agency that consists of a national standard body for more than 150 countries. The ISO 27001 standard is an agreement for compliance within an Information Security Management system. ISO 27001 establishes a security framework based on Clauses and Controls which provide a baseline. 

ISO 27001 Clauses and Controls


This complex standard can be broken down into three over-arching requirements:

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Systematically examining your organization's information security risks by taking into account threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts.

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Designing and implementing a coherent and comprehensive suite of information security controls and/or other forms of risk treatment (such as risk avoidance or risk transfer) to address those deemed as unacceptable.

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Adopting an overall management process to ensure that information security controls continue to meet your organization's  needs on an ongoing basis.

For a deeper dive into ISO 27001 Package, Risk Asessment and Implementation:

The Importance of ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that provides security control baselines. In addition, ISO 27001 extends the scope of security controls to non-IT information assets (such as paperwork and proprietary knowledge). Even if business continuity planning and physical security are independent from already established IT, ISO 27001 works to consolidate information security across a company.  By complying with ISO 27001, your company can rest assured that safe security practices have been systematically designed, implemented and adopted. 

The Benefits of ISO 27001

  • Information security provides your organization with a system that helps to eliminate and/or minimize risk of a security breach that could have legal or business continuity implications.

  •  It adds security awareness and competency throughout your company. 

  • It protects company image with a certified Information Security Management System.

  • Customers have confidence that their information is protected

  • It helps to comply with other regulations

  • Provides a competitive edge

  • Manages and minimizes risk exposure

  • Keeps confidential information secure

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Services We Provide

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Encompass Consultants provide Information Security consulting.  We are not a certification body. We help you achieve success in attaining certification or better managing your ISMS framework.

Choose Encompass Consultants

We understand that time and money are a common concern in the implementation process. Our expertise streamlines your priorities. We help you achieve an Information Security Management System that is much more than a certificate. Through our services, we support your company into the future. 

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Expertise is an important aspect in performing a clean, cost-efficient, timely implementation. At Encompass Consultants, our 25 years of accumulated knowledge result in a comprehensive certification process.

Certified Lead Implementers and Auditor

ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 27001:2013

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Encompass Consultants understand that time is of high priority. We have streamlined our process into six steps to achieve your goals quickly without sacrificing quality. 

ISO 9001 consulting resource
ISO 9001 Implementation Experts
ISO 9001 Training

Encompass visits your site and creates a business snapshot of your current  practices.  We meet with your staff to understand roles and responsibilities and develop a plan.

We take all of the information from Discovery and create Documentation (Procedures and Policies) that follows your current business practice.  We create or update existing required policies and procedures which meet the standard for your certification.

We perform On-site training for each department and explain in clear detail the required standards relating to work function.

ISO 9001 Internal Audit
ISO 9001 Management Review
ISO 9001 Certification help

We validate your entire system and perform audit training.

We walk you through the Management Review and gauge the effectiveness of your Quality Management System.

You can be confident in the knowledge of what to expect during your Certification Audit. 

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At Encompass, our processes are designed to save you money. We are family-owned and operated and have no excessive overhead like many of our competitors. We don’t rely on expensive advertising, instead focusing on word of mouth. As a result, we direct all of these cost savings to you, our customer.

ISO 27001 Audit

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Access to our State-of-the-Art Tools

Encompass Consultants introduce you to a better way of managing your Quality Records. We have created a simple, easy-to-use database to save you time and money.  Our tool is at a discounted price alongside any paid engagement.

A Quick Look Inside:

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