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ISO 22716:2007 - Cosmetic GMP Guidelines

ISO Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Products

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What is ISO 22716:2007?

The ISO 22716:2007 gives guidelines for the production, control, storage, and shipment of cosmetic products. The standard is broken up into 17 sections to help facilitate good manufacturing practices for the provision of cosmetic products. Some key areas that are evaluated and referenced under that standard are: Personnel, Premises, Equipment, Raw materials and packaging materials, Production, materials, Production, Finished products, Quality control laboratory, Change control, Documentation, Etc

Services Overview

Encompass Consultants preliminarily recommend our Gap Analysis service to all clients. By starting here your company can save time and money by minimizing unnecessary work on clauses that have already been met. After the gap analysis, we are here to support your company in the pursuit of reaching compliance for the remaining clauses through Documentation and Training. 

Training Service

Comprehensive training sessions with key individuals in your company to provide your team with the necessary know-how for compliance to ISO 22716:2007.

Hourly Consulting

Any final clauses that haven't already been met through Documentation and Training can be addressed through hourly consulting thereafter. Sessions will be arranged with our lead consultants to finalize compliance to any rem gaining clauses.

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The Importance of ISO 22716:2007 Compliance

ISO 22716:2007 is an important guidance resource for helping facilitate greater product consistency to help lower unnecessary expenditure and increase customer satisfaction. This standard can helps your company avoid many common industry mistakes, such as: cross-contamination, inaccurate quality control lab testing, unclean premises, lack of documentation, etc.

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Gap Analysis

We will work with your company and management team to perform a comprehensive analysis of your company's cosmetic production framework against all ISO 22716:2007 clauses. Output is a comprehensive Gap Report.

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Documentation Service

We will provide your company with a curated and extensive documentation package to meet your company's needs and the requirements of ISO 22716:2007 clauses.

Curated to your organization

Encompass Consultants spends the time and energy to work closely with your team to learn more about your business and its operations. We then provide precisely the services that you need, no more or no less. Ranging from full compliance package to customized documentation support. We strive to provide services curated specifically to your organization's needs.

Low Market Pricing

Encompass Consultants is family owned and operated, thus have no excessive overhead. As a result, we direct all of these cost savings to you, our customer. We are local to California and charge no extra for travel expenses throughout California. Despite our low pricing we continue to deliver high quality consulting services to any and all businesses in need.

Rely On Our Expertise

Expertise is an important aspect in performing a clean, cost-efficient and timely implementation. At Encompass Consultants, our years of accumulated knowledge result in a comprehensive complaince process.

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