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The best way to manage your quality data

Introducing a new, state of the art way of managing your quality records.
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Our Story

Encompass Consultants have been in the Quality and Compliance business for over 22 years. Together we have implemented and audited hundreds of quality management systems. We have observed the common inefficiencies that normally take place in the process of storing and organizing quality records.

Our Vision

As a result we created the EC Records Pro to helps companies of all sizes maintain their quality records with ease. The EC Records Pro provides your company with an affordable, intuitive and easy to use software created with the most important bits of information in reference to ISO compliance. Designed to help businesses of all sizes maintain their quality records more efficiently and in a timely manner.


The EC Records Pro is a powerful cloud based software that grows with your needs and expands only when you need it. The EC Records Pro is compatible on both Mac and Windows platforms. In addition, we offer extended services to fit all of your business requirements, such as:

  • Connectivity to current systems via ODBC

  • Web browser, mobile and tablet support

Who are we

The EC Records Pro


The EC Records Pro was built in a way to ensure for access to your data anywhere, anytime. We've accomplished this by hosting the EC Records Pro on a distributed cloud network to ensure a 99.99% uptime guarantee. In addition, we perform hourly backups of your instance to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure.


When creating the EC Records Pro we made sure that simplicity and ease of use was a top priority. There are no complex setup screens involved, set up is very easy. Information can be changed painlessly on the fly and the software is uncomplicated to navigate. Although, if any help is ever needed, each module has in depth instructions available at all times.

How it works
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